Livraison en France offerte à partir de 80 euros d'achat

Anchovies are very delicate fish that must be handled one by one, using traditional techniques.
Anchovies are caught in spring and fall. They are then carefully sorted and kept for around six months in our workshops and then prepared using artisan techniques.

Peita anchovies are very appreciated for their fleshy texture and their low salt taste.


We post a sales deadline of 6 months after the date of boxing of anchovies.
This is severe but we know that after six months the anchovies gain salt.

We want your experience to be optimal.
The flesh of anchovies offers interesting concentrations of minerals and trace elements, especially iodine, phosphorus, potassium and iron.
Peita anchovies are a real treat.

Taste with your eyes closed. Also pair them with your oyster tray for the ultimate experience.

Our famous littles sardines

  • Information

    Origin: Cantabrian Sea. Atlantic Ocean

    Net weight: 50g
    Drained weight: 29 g

    Nutritional information per 100 g:
    Proteins: 29 g
    Salt: 9.1 g.
    Sugar: 0.00 g

  • Taste

    Anchovies have been part of the culinary kingdom of France South West for centuries.
    Peita anchovies are the best anchovies in the world, celebrated by famous tables.
    They are worked by hand, with extreme care.


    Close your eyes and enjoy